November 7, 2016

My views and opinions about the number of toners available in today's beauty world!

November 2, 2016

Short review on Pixi Glow Tonic

October 29, 2016

SPF - Its not an over exaggeration to suggest that its been a life long obsession of mine to find the perfect sunscreen!  The search for an SPF that works with and not against my fair, delicate and often difficult skin is no easy feat! Many, if not pretty much all of them either aggravate my skin, bringing me out in sore spots or over load and cause congestion. It's definitely been a trial and error mission!! 

As I'm a frequent user of glycolic and salicylic acids it's imperative that I apply a daily SPF to protect my new fresh skin cells and also to protect against further pigmentation and sun damage.  I'm out with my dogs on a daily basis, so I'm aware of the accumulative sun/ environmental damage. 

In the past I found that the majority of sunscreens were too heavy and just sat on the surface of the skin, creating an unwanted shiny appearance.  My aim was to find a lotion that was light in texture, left no white residue, lightly hydrated, mattified and gave a good make-up...

October 27, 2016

Kew Gardens in London is perhaps one of the most phenomenal gardens I have ever had the good fortune to visit. I've been waiting to experience Kew in the Autumn for many years now; with the trees and shrubs in all their vivid, rustic glory! (And boy, I wasn't disappointed!!).  It holds so many happy memories for Oscar and I.  We've spent many happy hours having mini adventures whilst exploring its vast gardens and conservatories. 

Our ultimate favourite spot in Kew has to be The Princess of Wales conservatory.  It houses 'wet and dry tropics'.  Its a mass display of giant water lilies, towering spikes, dangling roots/plants, orchids, monstrous green glossy leaves and carnivorous plants.  Dinosaurs wouldn't look out of place in this lush greenery (well, that's what my son reckons).  In the past we have often just sat ourselves down for the afternoon to enjoy the atmosphere. 

There are plenty of activities to be had here for both adults and children,  espec...

October 25, 2016

This is my very first experience using a rejuvenating hand mask.  I have been tempted by them in the past but then always resisted as I didn't think they'd make

October 20, 2016

Unfortunately I have quite a damning report on this sheet mask.  If the truth be known, I'm a little uncomfortable writing negative reviews but I guess if I want to be respected throughout the beauty blogging world, I must be frank and honest.  Right, now thats off my chest, I'll carry on.

Firstly, I wouldn't consider myself as having an abnormally small face but by all accounts I did struggle putting this mask on.  It was humungous!  

The forehead was too high, the chin/jawline too long and the cheeks too wide!  Yep, seriously BIG!  To be honest it just hung from my face after a couple of minutes rather than hugging it, not really the desired effect I was after.

The mask material was courser than I'd previously experienced (not that I was overly bothered) but it ripped on application!   Most importantly for me is it didn't retain its moisture; within 10 minutes it had dried out and was falling away from my face!  

Ok, on a more positive note my skin did feel...

October 20, 2016

I am beyond excited each and every time I receive my SBC Collagen gel through the post.  I know it may seem a tad odd considering I've been using this product for several years now but this is my ultimate desert island/SOS treatment mask.  Without this in my life, my world (OK skin) would spiral out of control.

This versatile pink vat of gorgeousness is a water based gel that deeply hydrates my 'highly strung' skin, resulting in a soft, fresh and happy complexion.  It also efficiently erases any dehydrated fine lines, a quality that always keeps me coming back for more!!  

I am also confident in the knowledge that it won't aggravate or cause congestion on my skin. So many other cream-masks cause me to break out; either because they are too rich or too active.

I feel I must point out as this stage that this gel does contain a small amount of alcohol;  there are many of us who steer clear of this ingredient, including myself, although I can honestly say it has never caused an...

October 16, 2016

I recently received this much anticipated parcel in the post a few days ago.  I'm pleased to say the contents have yet to disappoint.  This bumper Laura Geller makeup collection consists of 6 items:

* Balance-n-brighten foundation in Fair

* Blush-n-brighten blusher in Raspberry

* Kajal eye liner in Plum Grey

* Lip crayon in Berry Sparklin

* Baked eye shadow in Candy and Fig

* Eye shadow brush

Ultimately, the deciding factor for purchasing this set was to give the Balance-n-brighten foundation a whirl.  I'd seen it demonstrated numerous times over the years on QVC but was never tempted, perhaps I didn't believe the 'Hype'.  Well, my goodness I wish I'd taken the plunge sooner!

I promise I'm not digressing from the subject but I think its important to describe how impossibly sensitive my skin has become especially around the eyes: to the point where I have to boil all my face flannels due to reacting to washing detergents!  So you can understand my caution when applying...

October 13, 2016

Unfortunately pimples and congested skin aren't any thing new to me but I've learnt through the years how to manage this problem.  Frequent applications of Glycolic acid had always worked to keep my skin under control............until 2 years ago that is! Oh and what a sorry state my jawline was in.  Eruptions (of seismic proportions) is a sufficiently dramatic word to describe the state of my jaw.  There was no mistaking these bad boys for pimples. Oh no, these were serious painful, red angry carbuncles.  Sorry, I hope I haven't put you off your food.

I needed to find out what was causing this issue and find a fix fast!  I read up on this condition and to my horror they were caused by hormonal shifts and imbalances in the body.  What could I possibly do about these out of control hormones?  Let them run their course or take action!  Inevitably I took action and did a little research into what the best ingredients were to combat this problem.


October 12, 2016

Liz Earle Superskin treatment oil for the body: This newly released body oil is from the award winning British brand Liz Earle. It is a heavenly, decadent scent

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