Guest Write up

Can We Talk About @limeandlilac Lisa the founder & genius behind the brand, created something wonderful for me, yes me! her amazing Light Face Oil, but, without essential oils. I was over-whelmed with her suggestion to do this after I’d had a diagnosis of Rosacea, and the warning of no fragrance or essential oils (more to some on that at a later date), anyway, the creation was done & I’ve discovered something, aside from having used the original, which is blooming amazing and left my skin glowing in the healthiest of ways. I realised that because there is no scent, you focus on the texture completely, this is silky, it’s the most luxurious oil & I’ve told Lisa previously, her oils have a con

Guest Review

As the season changes so will my skincare routine... I love Lisa's lightweight facial oil as it provides just the right amount of nourishment when my skin isn't as dry as it gets during winter. I fell in love with the delicate aroma from the very first time I tried her oil. With ingredients like safflower seed, watermelon seed and prickly pear you know that your skin will be left soft, supple and irresistibly smooth. Also featured here is the Vesper oil which I have been using sparingly on evenings when the routine is one of luxury. I love that the delicate fragrance of the Vesper oil doesn't overpower other scents but rather complements them. If you are a fan of neroli you will love both of