Guest Post - Oil Review

I’m so excited at last to be able to share with you my Lovely friend Lisa @limeandlilac First Facial Oil ✨ ✨I felt very honoured that Lisa asked me to test it which I have happily done & I can honestly say it’s a beautiful light oil, with a delicate lemon hue as seen in my 1st picture but despite it’s elegance it’s also deeply nourishing disappearing rapidly leaving the skin with a healthy glow, please see my 2nd picture. It’s fragranced subtly with the sweet yet slightly bitter orange honeyed notes of Neroli sitting in a spicy warm background of Frankincense the scent lingers just long enough to bring a smile to the lips then dissipates. I Love the fragrance of a product as every one is un

Picture perfect

I've been desperately wanting to write this blog for quite some time but I never really knew how to broach the subject. I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety since my late teens……..there I said it!! The world in general is a much kinder and understanding place than 25 years ago. The only people that knew then were my parents and best friend; I was ashamed to confide in anyone else.....crazy hey! I have no control over these inconveniences; I simply roll with it. Perhaps ‘simply’ isn’t the best description but I’ve learnt over the years that acceptance is key. I was compelled to explain the above as social media on the whole seems to portray the perfect life; beautiful people (often f

Quality over quantity

I was inspired to write a few words after reading a fab post yesterday on ‘Ingredients Matter’. Before my journey into the world of natural skincare I wasn’t aware of how many oils on the market were adulterated. It soon became apparent that it was vital to find an excellent supplier with years experience under their belt and who were willing to answer all my questions. Oh boy, I had plenty of questions 😆. I remember being perplexed at the sediment at the bottom of my Argan oil bottle; had it gone off? The answer was no. It’s simply the oils insoluble fraction.....tocopherols etc. I posted an article a few months back on an experiment which identifies a pure grade Argan oil (see below)

Rouge Pout Beauty Guest Review

Lime and Lilac Neroli & Frankincense Facial Oil Once Upon A Time in the land of Insta and Gram, there was a very clever and beautiful lady who created a magical oil, she spent a long time studying the best potions and lotions to make this so special and put up with a lot of know-it-alls, who, it turned out, didn't know that much! Then one bright and sunny day, a parcel arrived at the house of the writer of this story, in it was a bottle, a bottle holding the magical oil. The writer ran, which doesn't happen often, unless chocolate is half price at the supermarket, took all her colours from her face so she could apply Lime & Lilac, Neroli and Frankincense Facial Oil. My love of oils is well k