SBC.... easy as 123!!

Aww, SBC gels you are my skin savour; with your extensive collection of light, quickly absorbing water based gels that work to deeply hydrate my thirsty skin!! For many years I exclusively used the Collagen gel as a thick mask but I have more recently discovered and fallen in love with the Propolis and Vitamin E gels. Each have a distinctive fragrance and slightly differ in texture. SBC Propolis gel has as you'd expect, a medicinal scent, but nothing too overpowering. To be honest, I wasn't overly keen on the smell but I've grown to accept it; especially after seeing the results on my skin! The consistency of this gel is a little denser, I feel it soothes and nurtures the skin a little mo

Cell-f Defence

Viliv Cell Defence Serum was developed in Switzerland by practising dermatologist Dr Felix Bertram. This Serum contains no parabens, mineral oils or colourants. What it does contain is active, skin friendly ingredients which help to fight against environmental aggressors. One of the key ingredients being stem cells from the Argan tree. This has been found to work on cell stimulation and preventing fatigue in said stem cells..........I welcome any help I can get with open arms! This lightly fragranced gel serum is housed in the most fabulous, elegant, minimalistic packaging. The bold P lettering stands for protection, which is not only fun but helps to distinguish between each Viliv produc

To spritz or not to spritz....

I was asked a question today that made me stop and think about skincare and each of our personal preferences. It was simply "Why do you spritz before applying products". The answer to that question is because I've never enjoyed applying moisturisers straight onto a dry skin. It feels too cloying (even the lightest lotion). It all started when I developed excessively oily, very congested and spot prone skin in my early twenties. I realised the importance of protecting my skin against the elements especially the sun but absolutely hated the feeling of creams! I knew the consequences all too well (sore spots) but then I discovered Spritzing!! Quite revolutionary in 'those days'. It meant t

Holy Moly.....

HOLY GRAIL Hibiscus & Pomegranate Detoxifying Clay Mask This beautiful berry scented organic mask is bursting with some of the most beneficial anti ageing ingredients in the skincare market. It outshines your average detoxifying clay mask; to be perfectly honest it's a bit of an insult to even compare the two. The consistency is much creamier and doesn't 'set' uncomfortably on the skin, even after 30 mins. On closer inspection I noticed tiny spherical jojoba seeds; not too densely packed but enough to give a light exfoliation. On application I massaged the mask in circular movements over my face and neck, then I allowed the ingredients to work their magic for 30 minutes. The Hibiscus in t

An Ampoule a Day.....

I was recently given the opportunity to try the Babor Algae Active Ampoules. These particular ampoules work on refreshing and plumping as well as encouraging detoxification by enzymatic activity - promoting a healthy, hydrated skin. There is a wide selection of ampoules to cater for different skin types and needs. Each daily dose of serum is housed in individual glass vials; which acts to preserve all the active ingredients. There's something very satisfying about snapping the glass vial open on an evening after cleansing (each 7x2ml ampoule box contains a little opening device which allows easy access). I was initially surprised at the generous amount of serum within each container! Do