My new obsession :)

Aeria Skin Intensive Hydrating Masks Sheet masks are my new skincare obsession! They are capable of providing maximum hydration with minimal time and effort. However, to be brutally honest I have had difficulties in the past with application. A reoccurring theme/problem is their size, which are more often than not way too big for my face and rather than hug my skin and contours, just simply hang off. So you can imagine my excitement and surprise when the Aeria mask adhered snugly to my face; no excess bits of material waving in the breeze......... Yay, at last!!! The material is 100% organic cotton; the consistency is fine but more importantly, resilient. Aeria masks incorporate certifie

The masked assassin!

I wanted to post something a little different today, so rather than a review I thought that perhaps I'd show you today's budget mammoth face mask routine! There's nothing quite as satisfying as 'bagging' yourself a good skin care bargain. My first port of call is always TK Maxx; their sheet mask selection is vast. I'm yet to find anywhere else that stocks such a variety of masks for different skin needs. My routine: Applied Bravura London 2% Salicylic Acid to a clean face, washed off after 15 minutes. £9.59! Check out their website (, it's so informative and their prices are fantastic. Applied L'Oréal Purity Mask and left on until it completely dried. This mask 's

10 years younger!

Apothaka rejuvenating face oil for normal - combination skin It won't come as a big surprise to those that have read my previous blogs that my love for face oils has been a long and illustrious affair. Their natural affinity with the skin and balancing properties have always kept me coming back for more. I've used several different face oils over the past few years; each with their own unique benefits and textures. My preference is an oil that is light, easily absorbed and that balances my temperamental skin. It took me decades to truly understand the benefits of using an oil on an already oily skin! I was always too frightened to experiment; thinking it would only exacerbate my existing p

Windows to the soul

Eye creams! .........Umm a point of contention for me!! Unfortunately I'm always left disappointed by them with their apparent ability to tackle all types of issues: lines, puffiness, dark circles etc. My main concern is hydration and I've always believed this to be the ultimate key to a good conditioned skin. To the point where I've become a tad obsessed with skin hydration!! Lines are inevitable, especially around the delicate eye area and even more so if you're a smiler! (I'm a smiler). I'm probably in the minority when I say I like to see smile lines, particularly when they're in good condition. My personal eye cream goal is to find one that intensely hydrates without causing puffiness