Anti ageing

Anti ageing skincare is a vast and complicated category as there are many aspects to ageing. Problems ranging from fine lines, deep wrinkles, pigmentation, slackened skin, loss of radiance, rough texture and thinning skin. Whoah!! what a truly depressing list! There are no miracle potions that can transform you into your younger self but there are ingredients out there that can make a marked difference. A well conditioned line and wrinkle has a much more desirable look than that of a dehydrated neglected wrinkle. Lines are inevitable (nothing wrong with them) with age but they can be softened by using the correct products. Hydration alone is a critical factor to fend off existing and fu

Super Scrub

ALPHA-H MICRO CLEANSE SUPER SCRUB with 12% Glycolic acid and peppermint: This reviving manual exfoliant is now an integral part of my skincare routine; with its transformative ingredients of Jojoba beads, 12% Glycolic and Caffeine it works wonders on my sometimes lacklustre skin. Micro Cleanse has recently been tweaked to replace the Polyethylene (plastic) beads to eco-friendly Jojoba beads. Caffeine, with its antioxidant and soothing properties has also be added. As a result the above ingredients work in synergy to slough away dead unwanted dull skin cells, de-clog pores, work on pigmentation, soften the appearance of fine lines and revitalise. That's some list for one product! But, in my e